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A little about me Empty A little about me

on Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:56 pm
Hello all at CGF (Classy Games Forum), and welcome newcomers,

My alias is April, and I am an staff member here at CGF. I am glad that the creator, Jamie, allowed me to partake in the forums construction. I am an active user on both CGDT and CGF. 

Some info about me:

I was introduced to the group by Lydea, and I specialize in HTML, CSS, Lua, Java, and I know a little of C++ and JS. I focus primarily on applicational development, but I am also a web dev freelancer. I joined the CGDT to meet others interested in programming, teach others and possibly learn quite a few things along the way. I am a University student majoring in Cyber Security, and minoring in Comp Sci, and Mathematics. In between school, work, this forum, and my freelance work, I have a tight fit schedule.

If you have any questions for the Forum or me, please do not be afraid to send them my way. I assure all users that I will keep an objective mindset in all situations.


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