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Using the DJ Hero Turntable in Unity Empty Using the DJ Hero Turntable in Unity

on Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:54 pm
I have a University module called "Emergent Gaming Tech". Basically new technology in the industry such as VR, AR stuff like that. As well as using new tech you can re purpose old tech. A lot of the class went easy and done stuff like VR, Myo Armband and so on. Not these aren't cool techs in the industry i just wanted to do something different.

Thus i have decided to re purpose a DJ Hero Turntable to be used as a controller within Unity.

This was not an easy task at all. The deck came out in 2010. So there is no documentation on it integrating with Unity (from what i searched). I found an old forum post from 2009 of someone experimenting with the deck but via Xbox 360 through XNA. This user had a pre release version. 

From that i had to find out the mapping of the deck itself. The forum post i found provided the ground work. Which was a life saver.

Here is an image of the mapping i created for others.
Using the DJ Hero Turntable in Unity MTDA6v7

And here is the Wiki for the entire Xbox 360 controller mapping.

I am mostly using the mix side of the deck and i wont be using the turntable itself. To allow the deck to work with Unity i had to connect it via the Xbox 360 wireless receiver and make the deck an input device. The issue is the buttons are completely different compared to the controller. For example. The crossfade maps to the right stick on the controller.

I have managed to get the basic controls working. It may not look amazing but from extensive searching i haven't found anybody else using the deck with Unity. Here is a video of what i have so far.

I will update this thread the more i learn.

I hope this helps somebody. If you have any questions or need help no matter how old this thread is please do contact me Smile


Using the DJ Hero Turntable in Unity LbMpndQ
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