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Foundation of Civilisation  Empty Foundation of Civilisation

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:40 pm
Hello everyone =) 

This project is one I've been working on for a couple of months; it's more or less my main focus aside from my Master's Programme at University. It's a project I hope to eventually release to the public - and hopefully have it be my first commercially released project! Regardless, enough of that - onto the project!

Thread Update Log:
9th October 2017: Created Thread

Project Nickname: Foundation of Civilisation 
A Civilisation-Builder

Foundation of Civilisation was inspired from a few different games - including Sid Meier's Civilisation Series, Banished, Gnomoria and a number of other Colony and Survival style games. From the get-go - I wanted the game to feel as though you are looking at a map on a table, as you make decisions, mark out regions for various aspects of your civilisation, such as farmland, hunting land, residential area and so on. 

The goal of the project is to have you build a civilisation in a fairly organic manner. By adding a type of Nation Trait Track - where your people get better at what they do by doing it, and your civilisation unlocks traits as they do more of a specific thing.

E.g. As you have more and more Fisheries and workers at the Fisheries, your civilisation becomes better at fishing. 

Adding various other elements to add more of a 'human' element to the game rather than simply management is also a major goal. 

E.g. Allowing you to eventually have a law that enforces hunters to be more merciful and careful with wildlife, reducing the amount of production.

Also adding elements to put forward this idea of a wider world beyond the local region.

E.g. Trade with other kingdoms.

These are a few of the ideas I have in mind for the project itself. A fair amount of others exist which I plan to continue to flesh out and test, and if they appear to fit - add them in later on!

Design Guidelines and Principle

Aside from the three previously mentioned goals - approaching the design of this project - I chose to try to stick to 3 core-elements

Land/Environment - Resources/Materials - Population/Demographics

The game itself centres around interaction between these three types elements [The two options listed are in a way - interchangeable, however wildlife is considered to be part of the environment, as does the type of terrain, hence why it is listed as Land/Environment] - disruptions will happen to one or more of these elements, which will add challenge to the game that will require the player to adapt, plan ahead and overcome. 

E.g. Winter season will be an disruption to Environment, and Resources. Disease is a disruption to the population. 

A disruption is essentially - a major expected/unexpected shift in a particular element's situation. These will be the major source of challenge for the play.

Foundation of Civilisation  Founda10
Screenshot of Project Prototype 0.2

I look forward to bringing further updates of the project here! 
I will most likely attempt to keep the original post updated for major updates - the change-log at the start of the thread will allow you to keep track of what has been added or modified!

Until next time,


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